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  • Beth Rose, Co-Founder

National article on the Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance

What an honor to be invited to write an article for the national Gürze/Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue on the origins of the Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance. The article, entitled, "Grassroots Efforts for Eating Disorder Support and Recovery in Alaska" describes the steps it took to create a new nonprofit focused on eating disorder support and the board members who are essential to its success. We hope this article will help others who are interested in starting a mental health support, education and advocacy group. See the full article here:

Board members at the first AKEDA board meeting in September 2019: Katie Kadjan Bell, Jenny Loudon, Beth Rose, Grace Schumacher

Board member Evelyn Abello (left) meets with Beth Ayn Stansfield of Stay Strong Virgina, to be able to offer family/friend support groups in Alaska

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