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Thank you to our donors!

Donor and Supporter List from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023


AKEDA received a generous $220,500 multi-year grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust in 2023 to fund an Executive Director. This is a three year declining grant, with matching fund requirements in years 2 and 3.

Special Thanks to:

Champion | $10,000+

Alaska Community Foundation

Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority


IMA Foundation

Parker Smith and Feek

Leader | $5,000-9,999

Jenny and Greg Loudon

Beth Rose and John Levy

Thomas Wang and Colleen Savoie

Advocate | $2,500-4,999

Alaska Airlines

Jana and Doug Smith

Mat-Su Health Foundation

Friend | $1,000-2,499

Lynette and Eric Boyer

Judy Caminer and Roger Marks

Eating Recovery Center

Eva and Warren Hancock

Phyllis and David Jacobsen-Kram

Jo and Peter Michalski

Bob and LaVerne Reid

Krisanne Rice and Jim Clare

Daniel Rohlf and Olivia Karns

Ryan Webb and Brian Kirchner

Supporters | Up to $1,000

Evelyn Abello and Karl Ohls

Tim Andrew and Anne Adasiak Andrew

Anonymous (4)

Heather Arnett and Jeff Sinz

Liz and Hugh Ashlock

Patricia Atkinson

Jane Atkinson and Doug Toelle

Betsy Baker and Lamar Cotten

JoAnne Baker Aho

Jill Bess Niemeyer

Kara Clemens

Sharon Barr

Joel ben Izzy and Taly Rutenberg

Carol Bryner

Jeff Buen

Debby Burwen

Margaret Carlson Cosentino

Carol Comeau

Amalie Couvillion and Chuck Wheat

Pam and Glenn Cravez

Brad Cruz and Barbara Norton

Judy Davis

Margaret Donatello

David Duffy

Celeste Earley

Barbara Englert Gruenstein

Rich Ervin and and Phil Blumstein

Hope Finkelstein and Brian Hirsch

Melissa Fouts

Denlise Franklin Hamburger

Mary and Cody Gibson

Dani Gilady

Patty Ginsburg and Steve Lindbeck

Bonnie and Judi Grey

Susan Haines and Fred Jenkins

Maureen Hall

Robin and Bob Hanson

Marcia Hastings

Jana Hayenga

Caitlin Hedberg

Erik and Robin Hill

Diane Hirshberg

Janel Hodge

Celeste Hodge-Growden

Claire Holland LeClair

Andy Holleman

Toni Holmes

Barbara Hood

Jeanine Huston

Rebecca Kirian

Ingrid Klinkhart

Celia and Andy Koelsch

Suzi Leonard

Erin Leonhart

David and Susan Levy

Randee and Rich Liles

Adriane Lonzarich

Polly and Stan Loudon

Peyton and Gage Mackie

Alex and Gayle Marban

Molly McCammon

Lloyd Miller

Heather Moon

Meera Narayanan

Nicole Nelson

Deborah and Bill O'Leary

Connie and Kerry Ozer

Carolyn Pearcy

Valerie Phelps and Peter Burke

Zarka Popovic

Kelsey Potdevin

Bobi Rinehart

Mary and Steve Rosenfield

Lisa and Steve Rudner

Running Reindeer Ranch

Sharon Samuels

Mark Schneiter

Grace Schumacher

Nancy Schwartz Caplan

Dorothy Shearn

Lia Slemons

Doug Smith and Kazuyo Fujimori

Marci Soran

Cassandra Stalzer

Joan Stassel

Caroline Storm

Trevor Storrs

Alyse Surrat Galvin

Turnagain Training

Ed Ulman

Megan Volkov

Jennifer Wagner

Greg and Jeanette Wakefield

Valerie Waldrop

Aubrey Wieber

Ron and Sharon Zandman-Zeman

If your name is listed incorrectly, or a change is needed, please email

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