Winning at All Costs: Breaking the Silence on Eating Disorders and Athletes

“Winning at All Costs: Breaking the Silence on Eating Disorders and Athletes” is a 27 minutes in length and features 2x Olympian and licensed professional counselor Holly Brooks providing solid, evidence-based information about the importance of proper fueling for athletes. 


Participation in athletics can provide so many benefits – helping athletes grow self-confidence, teamwork, friendships, leadership skills, and more.  However, athletes also experience heightened risks from inadequate fueling – creating the potential for serious, long-term and even life-threatening problems.  


For instance, did you know:

  • Athletes are 2-3x more likely than the average person to develop an eating disorder? 

  • Certain sport categories have particularly high risks for disordered eating and eating disorders, such as:

    • Endurance sports (such a cross-country running, cross-country skiing, track and field, swimming);

    • Sports that emphasize appearance or weight-classes (such as bodybuilding, wrestling, gymnastics, rowing, figure skating);

    • Sports that focus on individual performance (such as gymnastics, swimming, dance, running) as opposed to team performance (soccer, basketball)?

  • Eating disorders are serious illnesses with the second highest mortality rate of all psychiatric conditions – second only to opioid abuse?


The goal of this video is to help coaches, athletes, and parents gain awareness of these risks, with the hope that doing so will help athletes enjoy sport and movement not just today, but over an entire lifetime.  We have also provided resources about screening, services, and how to help somebody who may need support from improper fueling. 

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