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Individual Stories: Recovery Is Possible

In recognition of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2022, AKEDA  featured Alaskans telling their personal stories of experiencing and recovering from eating disorders, with comments from AKEDA co-founders. The theme was Eating Disorders are Real and Recovery Is Possible.

AKEDA Co-Founder Jenny Loudon talks about how lonely, scary and difficult it can be to have an eating disorder and what resources are available.

Heather Moon, Kenai, speaks of her lengthy experience with multiple eating disorders and her path to recovery

Katie Schoff, Eagle River, and Miss Alaska Volunteer speaks about the importance of a support team in her path to recovery.

Alexandra Guerra, West Anchorage High School student, speaks about how diet culture and fat-phobic comments triggered her eating disorder and how she is now on the road to recovery .

Enzina Marrari, Anchorage, talks about how an eating disorder robbed her of enjoying life and how finally speaking openly about the disease allowed her to start to heal and reclaim her sense of identity.

AKEDA Co-Founder Beth Rose talks about how common eating disorders are and the resources that are available to individuals and caregivers seeking help.

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