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Videos for Healthcare Professionals

AKEDA is providing these educational videos for free in response to the requests we have received from medical and mental health care professionals on trainings on defining, assessing and treating eating disorders, as well as working with special populations. Each of these trainings are approximately an hour long. If you are interested in having AKEDA provide a presentation or training at your place of work or school about eating disorders and local Alaska resources,

 please contact us at​​

For additional healthcare professional resources from AKEDA click here.

Presentations by Dr. Jennifer Guadiani, MD, CEDS-S, FAED
Founder & Medical Director, Guadiani Clinic

Key Information about Eating Disorders for Alaska Primary Care Practitioners

Key Information about Eating Disorders for Alaskan Pediatricians

Presentation by Dr. Laura Hill, PhD

PAST President & CEO of The Center for Balanced Living

Lunch and Learn: A Brain Based Approach to Eating Disorders Treatment 

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