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Adult Support Group

Weekly on Mondays, 7:00-8:00pm AKST via Zoom


This is a free group for 18+ individuals who experiencing and recovering from eating disorders. Please fill out our pre-survey before registering. 

Steps to sign-up:

Fill Out Pre-Survey


Register for the Group

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This is a group for 18+ individuals who are experiencing and recovering from eating disorders. Our goal is to create a safe space that everybody can benefit from, regardless of where you are in your journey or your specific "diagnosis" (note: you do not need a formal diagnosis to join or benefit from this group; as we know, access to care is very limited in our state). Please keep in mind that this will be a free support group for adults, NOT a therapy group, and it will be primarily peer-driven. 


These items below represent the norms to which we expect all group members to adhere and have been agreed upon by your signature at the end of this form before attending the group.

Attendance: When you log into the group you must send a private chat message with your full name to your facilitator. Provide the full name you used when you submitted the confidentiality waiver. Then, you may also change your Zoom name and add your gender pronouns. To protect privacy/confidentiality, feel free to remove your last name and/or use a pseudonym. 


Confidentiality: Who you meet, what you hear and all that happens in the group stays in the group. Recording of group information in any format is prohibited. Remember this is not a crisis service, if you need immediate attention call 988, your local crisis hotline, or 911. 


Respect: Please respect the diversity of identities and levels of experience represented in the group, including respecting individuals’ pronouns. Do not make any assumptions about others.


Support: Use “I” statements based on your recovery. We are not here to provide advice. 


Language: To keep the group inclusive and maintain a safe space, do not share specific details such as numbers, calories, specific eating behaviors, or any diagnoses. 


Stay present: To get the most out of the group and promote connection, sharing, & engagement, we strongly encourage all participants to keep their video on at all times, or as much as possible. We also recognize that this may be uncomfortable at times, as many of us likely experience body image struggles. Just do your best to fully show up, whatever that means to you. If you are not speaking, stay muted to reduce background noise. Please stay for the entire duration of the group to respect all members. If you need to leave the group early, please direct message one of the facilitators before doing so. Your well being is a priority to us and if you suddenly disappear, we want to make sure everything is ok. 


Practice your agency: You may speak or simply listen while being mindful of time. If you choose to listen, please refrain from engaging in other activities. Hold a recovery-focused mindset: Support each other on your respective and unique recovery journeys. No one’s recovery is the same, nor is it linear. You cannot “fail” this group.  


Nourish your body while remaining respectful: Some of our groups happen during meal or snack times. It is 100% ok to eat, sip, chew, crunch (while muted!), etc. during group! You have full permission to eat anything you want in a group at any time. 

Please fill out the following information. We collect this information to provide the best support possible and to ensure your safety and well-being.

Thank you for registering for our Adult Support Group. You should receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link to join each session. If you have any issues please email us at

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