Covid 19 Resources

AKEDA has compiled a list of helpful resources and virtual support groups for individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Click here for more information.  Please know you are not alone.

Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance

Providing access to resources and support to help Alaskans address and overcome eating disorders.


The mission of the Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance is to provide access to resources and support so that Alaskans can address and overcome eating disorders.

We believe that full recovery from eating disorders is possible at any age or stage. We believe those living with or recovering from an eating disorder are strong beyond measure, and so are their loved ones. We believe in body positivity and health at every size. The Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance is focused on providing hope, resources, education and support to reduce eating disorders; identifying local and national options for those who are struggling; and providing a community to ensure that no one has to walk this journey alone.

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